Item #800 The Gods of Old and the Story That They Tell. Rev. James A. Fitz Simon, M. D. Vincent A. Fitz Simon.

The Gods of Old and the Story That They Tell

T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1899. Large 8vo. bound in red cloth stamped in gold with red leather spine and corner tips. Top edge gilt. 458 pp. Corners a little bumped. Some wear at top and bottom of spine. Former owner's initials on title page. A little light foxing to prelims. Overall a tight, clean copy. Item #800

Table of Contents: Theogony, Chaos to Hemera - Myths; The "Unus Vultus" of Nature; "Quisquis Fuit Ille Deorum", "Let There Be Light"; The Oneness of Our Universe; Theogony, Gaea, Uranus, their offpsring - Myths; "Without Form, and Void". In Formal Chains; Molecular Matter; Chemical Force; Great Physical Forces; The Fixed Cut-Off"; "Concordia Mundi"; Toilers of the Night; Theogony, Nox and her offspring; World Building; Theogony, Pontus, Gaea, their offspring - Myths; The Luminous Past; The Birth-Place, Birth, and Coming of the Sea; The Rivers of the Sea; Thaumaturgy;"Iri, Decus Coell": The Pirates of the Air; THe Keeper and the Keep; The Gray from BIrth; The Light that Failed"; The Missing Garment; The Winged Steed; How the Mountains Were "Lifted"; The Rock of Ages; The Heat and Darkness of Other Days; "Hydra Saevior Intus Habit Sedem"; Titanic Ties; Oceanus, the Tie of Waters; Hyperion, the Tie of Worlds; Crius, the Tie of Order; The Constant and the Dawn; . . . .(WHEW, I am running out of patience) . . . Theogony: Kronos, and his Offspring -Myths; The Curdled Spume of Ages" Theogony, Iapetus and his offspring - Myths; "Too High Born to be Property'd" The World's Wheel; The Metaphysics of Mythology; The Measure and the Foil of Mind; Wrestling with their Fate; Myths - The War of the Titans; the Battle of the Giants, The Struggle of Typhoeus; Heat versus Life; The Trap Rocks versus Life; The Volcano versus Life.

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