Item #873 God's Voice in the Folklore, Nonsense Rhymes and Great Legends. Glenn Clark.

God's Voice in the Folklore, Nonsense Rhymes and Great Legends

St. Paul: Maacalester Park Publishing Co., (1956). Illustrated by Marcia Brown. 8vo. Sky Blue cloth covered boards stamped in dark blue. 213 pp. Book is in fine condition. / Dust jacket is also fine. Item #873

Just as great treasures of the Earth are secreted in the depths of the ground -- oil, coal, and gold -- so great treasures of Truth and Wisdom are secreted in the Folklore of the Race. Did you know that "Little Bo Peep" teaches that seemingly fruitless labor does come home bearing fruit. and that "Deedle, Deedle, Dumpling" teaches the result of laziness? Did you know that Alice in Wonderland probes the whole realm of the subconscious and that Alice Through the Looking Glass explores the realm of the superconscious? Because free speech was prohibited, Aesop's Fables teach Ancient Truth "out of the mouths of animals." Did you know that there is a common thread among the legends of how the world began? They all hint at a Oneness of Mind -- God revealing Himself through different peoples all over the earth. In Ancient Folklore the author finds the Key that resolves the problem of Good and Evil, the way to Mastery over Sex and War, and the Triumph of the Soul. This is a startling, thrilling book that pulls aside the Secret Veil and reveals the "Face of God" everywhere.

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